My Publications

Note: Most of my books are available in pdf format, which can be downloaded to your desktop or e-Reader for your personal use. Please not selling and/or re-posting on your sites and blogs are not permitted.

For links for books in PDF format, click here.

My Little Friend: Short stories. Author.

 – Telugu Women’s Writing, 1950-1975, analytical study. Author. 2008.

Review by V. R. Veluri

Review by Ambika Ananth:

– All I Wanted was to Read and other Stories. 

– Short Stories from Andhra Pradesh, translated by Malathi Nidadavolu. Mumbai: Jaico, 2009. (first published in 2006)

– Quiet and Quaint: Telugu Women’s Writing, 1950-1975, (a critical study). Hyderabad, A.P. India: Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University. 2009.

– From my Front Porch, An Anthology of Telugu stories, translated by Nidadavolu Malathi. Delhi: Central Sahitya Akademi. 2009.

Review by Sowmya, V.B.:

– Telugu Penscape: An Anthology of Telugu short stories. Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India: Lekhini organization, 2010.

Reviewed by C. Umadevi on her blog Click here  for review.

Eminent Telugu Scholars and other essays. Author. 2010 (revised in 2012).

In Press:
Beyond the Shores of the River Existentialism, translation of Astitvanaadam aavali teeraana by Munipalle Raju. Delhi: Sahitya Academi.

తెలుగు ప్రచురణలు

  • Nijaanikii feminijaanikii madhya, kathala sankalanam. BSR Foundation, 2006. (out of print)

– kathala attayyagaru, (anthology of 22 short stories in Telugu). Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India:Visalandhra Publishing House, 2010. Outside India, distributed by  Click on the following link:

Review by C. Umadevi:

– chataka pakshulu. Vijayawada, A.P. India: Sahiti (EMESC0), 2010. Click here for the book in PDF format


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